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The central competition test for the Faculty of Medicine students

In cooperation with Microsoft, Gamma Learn and Makat, Electronic and knowledge Services center at the Supreme Council of Universities offered the technical support of the central competition for the unified electronic test for the Faculty of Medicine’ students. on Wednesday, 15/8/2018 Dr. Khalid Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Researches held a videoconference at the Ministry campus to witness The test activities, which was applied for the first time according to international standards to measure the students capabilities in various fields. 637 students (third year of medical Faculty) participated in this test from Ain Shams University, Assiut University, 6th of October University and the Faculty of Medicine in the Armed Forces. were tested for Their level of knowledge and the benefit achieved through their studies in the first three years of Faculty of Medicine Then they went through an international test called (critical thinking) that aims to measure their skills in mastering problem solving and challenging difficult situations that require thinking, analysis and planning.