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EUN Services:

  • Providing high quality networking with high speeds connecting all the Universities and scientific community with each other with speed starting from 68 Mbps to 1 Gbps.
  • Connecting the Egyptian academic community with the international networks:
  • Internet through 930 Mbps (6- STM1) link.
  • European research network (GEANT) through 34Mbps link.
  • The second generation network (internet2) through 34 Mbps link.
  • Providing value added services by contributing in some European projects such as EUMEDGRID-Support project providing a grid computing infrastructure.
  • Managing and operating the (eg) Top level Domain infrastructure and services and registering all the academic, educational and Governmental domains under the Arabic TLD (مصر ) This in addition to enhance and maintain effective communication with national and international concerned bodies.
  • Hosting and managing the equipment of the higher education development projects. (E-learning, Training, Digital Library, Management information system for the supreme council of universities, and Universities Portal).
  • Operating Video conferencing system to facilitate communication between all the Egyptian Universities, EUN HQ and international sites through centralized system located at EUN LAN with remote systems distributed at universities premises with capabilities of streaming and recording.
  • Providing electronic mail services for all the Egyptian universities staff.
  • Supporting the enhancement and development of the internal network of the universities by providing technical consultation in the field of networks and computers and organizing regular field visits.
  • Carrying out web page design for universities and other organizations. Moreover, hosting web sites on EUN servers.