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It is considered one of the projects that develop the higher education system in Egypt, as it aims to provide the needed information & data regarding the Higher Education and the Supreme Council of Universities’ (SCU) services, through the SCU’s portal. Also, it aims to provide an entire database that support decision makers and to put forward strategies to support decision makers at the higher education to take the right decision.

Moreover, its important role is to evaluate the SCU’S performance and to provide an electronic archive through the SCU’s portal to achieve the best result in managing & dealing with the data. Besides that this project aims to develop the mechanics and the security system at the SCU & to reach the integration among the SUC’s departments and connect it with the Ministry of Higher Education and the Egyptian universities, which leads to improve the performance of the employees at the SCU and enhance their activities and their technological abilities

Also you can visit MIS official website Or the SCU portal