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NELC Objectives :

  • Spreading the culture of e-learning within the Egyptian universities.
  • Developing standards that determine and evaluate the quality of designing and producing the e-courses.
  • Developing the Egyptian educational content to suit the latest strategies in e-learning.
  • Ensuring the quality of e-learning applications within the Egyptian universities.
  • Providing training for faculties and institutions' staff to employ e-learning methods in teaching strategies.
  • Developing digital equipment to be used in designing, producing and managing the e-courses.
  • Developing digital learning objects repositories which could be reused, so as to be basic criteria in setting the courses in any scientific field.
  • Collaborating with regional, national, and international institutions in the field to develop e-learning tools and applications.
  • Providing technical consultation to the educational institutions.
  • Supporting the scientific research in e-learning, by providing the centers' resources to all researchers.