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DLU Services:

  • Support scientific committees through the preparation of reports of plagiarism and the impact factor for the research of applicants to the promotion committees, as well as to consider complaints related to plagiarism.
  • Increasing the utilization rates of the knowledge resources available in the Egyptian Knowledge Bank through training and awareness raising in order to raise the efficiency and quality of scientific research in Egyptian universities.
  • Raise the quality of scientific journals issued by Egyptian universities in light of international standards and publish them electronically through the unified portal of university libraries.
  • Seeking the implementation of programs to detect the plagiarism of university messages.
  • Establishment of a digital repository of the full text of the university messages approved by the Egyptian universities, as well as data of the plans of the messages under study.
  • Compiling the articles of all the scientific journals published in the Egyptian universities and raising the full texts of them.
  • Training and qualification of human cadres specialized in the field of information projects digital libraries in Egyptian universities.
  • Contribute to the national efforts aimed at raising the classification of Egyptian universities