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In order to achieve its vision and mission statement, the EULC implements certain number of goals and objectives: The objectives statements as they are worded in the plan are:
  • Promote formal relations between the consortium members to foster collaboration and resource sharing.
  • Support optimal access to information for the consortium members through regional and national co-operation.
  • Promote collection building and unified polices.
  • Provide support for the implementation and management of common library systems.
  • Improve information literacy skills and share training, resources and expertise.
  • Select the appropriate e-resources for the Egyptian scientific community.
  • Develop a unified list of the required e-resources.
  • Negotiate with the e-resources agents to achieve the maximum saving in e-resources subscription fees and attain all the added values.
  • Manage and update the subscription with the consortium participants.
  • Attract new members to the consortium.
  • Host the library automated system and provide access to the digital library resources for the EULC members.
  • Manage, coordinate, and supervise the automation project in the EULC.
  • Unify and standardize the tools of automation such as classification schemes, authority control lists, and quality control techniques.
  • Host and organize professional conferences and workshops in the area of library and information sciences.
  • Participate and represent the EULC in the national and international occasion related to libraries and information science.
  • Prepare monitoring reports and statistics analysis for the usage of the digital libraries and libraries automation.
  • Develop a business model for the EULC in order to be self sustainable to guarantee the continuing of the consortium.