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Within the framework of the Information & Communication Technology Project (ICTP) in the higher education, the Egyptian Universities Libraries Consortium (EULC) has been established in 2006, to be supervised by the Digital Library Unit (DLU), one of the Electronic and Knowledge Service Center (EKSC) units, at the Supreme Council of Universities. The unit aims to raise the efficiency of the libraries and information services at the Egyptian universities, through using the web 2 generation applications which help in providing interactive information. Moreover, it aims to encourage the collaboration between the higher education information institutions, which will lead to reducing the costs, the best utilization of the available resources and maximizing the outputs of these resources to benefit the beneficiaries. Thus, the DLU established the Egyptian Universities Libraries Consortium (EULC), which is the largest cooperative project for the information institutions, not only in Egypt but also in the Arab world. Consequently, more than 43 institutions participate in that consortium, including:

    • Governmental universities (24)
    • Private universities (6 )
    • Research and services institutions(13)

All the DLU services and resources are available through the computers connected to the Egyptian Universities Network (EUN).

Also you can visit DLU official website Or the SCU portal reference