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Within the huge and speedy development in computer and information system, in the previous century, and due to the great need for data and information exchange, the Egyptian Universities Network had been established in 1987, at Supreme Council of Universities, Cairo University Campus. It aims to connect the Egyptian universities, in order to share the resources available at each university and to facilitate the interaction between them. Thus, it became the first local and national network for Egyptian universities. In October 1989, the Egyptian Universities Network was connected to the European Academic and Research Network (EARN) specialized in serving researchers and academics on the international level. In October 1993, the EUN was connected to the internet via France at a speed of 9.6 kb/s, then in august 1994, it was connected to Montpellier at a speed of 64 kb/s, then to be extended to Paris. Consequently, the Network became the main Egyptian portal for the internet connection. Due to the increased rate of operation, usage and continuous development, the gridlines that connect the Egyptian universities to the internet has increased gradually to reach now 1Gb/s, that's in addition to connecting to other international research networks such as Internet2 and GEANT.

Also you can visit EUN official website Or the SCU portal