Electronic and knowledge Services center  (EKSC) is one the main building blocks of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities (government organization under the Ministry of Higher Education). The center currently comprised of five units; Egyptian Universities Network, National e-Learning Center, Digital Library Unit, Central Unit of Information Technology Training and Management Information System ..... more



Egyptian Universities Network had been established in 1987, at Supreme Council of Universities. It aims to connect the Egyptian universities, in order to share the resources available at each university and to facilitate the interaction between them .... more



MIS Project aims to provide the needed information data regarding the Higher Education and the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU) services Also, it aims to provide an entire database that support decision makers and to put forward strategies .... more

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 National e-learning center was established in 2005, in 2009 it became part of EKSC at the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU). aims to enhance the education process in Egypt by promoting the usage of e-learning to be basic criteria in the Egyptian universities.... more



CUIT has been established in 2005 and  been added to EKSC at 2009  to Improving the faculty staff,  assistants, and employees information and communication technology skills ..... more


The Egyptian Universities Libraries Consortium (EULC) has been established in 2006, to be supervised by the Digital Library Unit (DLU), one of the Electronic and Knowledge Service Center (EKSC) units, at the Supreme Council of Universities. .... more

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NBSLE aims to Create up-to-date information system for the scientific laboratories and equipment in the Egyptian universities Enabling the researchers to get the needed information about the scientific laboratories and equipment ..... more